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Please note, if you are contacting us about something from a LIVE Facebook show, please send us a Facebook message instead of a form submission below!

We get a LOT of inquiries about rock identification. General Rule of thumb:  If you purchased it, then we can try to help you identify it, if you found it on the ground, we won't know what it is. We are also unable to tell if something is a meteorite or not.

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Three Buildings


Rockhound Rock Shop - #1

33 W. Battle Creek Street

Galesburg, MI 49053

All rocks, crystals, fossils, etc.

The Trading Post - #2

(A Rockhound Rockshop Store)

62 Mill Street

Galesburg, MI 49053

Rocks, Crystals, Fossils and other trading post inspired gifts and merchandise.

The Great Raven - #3

(A Rockhound Rockshop Store)

47 W. Michigan Ave

Galesburg, MI 49053

Rocks, Crystals and New Age/Metaphysical items also.