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Rock In A Box Club

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How does it work?

Pick which box you like most (or more than one), then you will receive a box, mailed to your home or business each month, containing items like rocks, gems, crystals, fossils, rough stones, slabs, rock books/magazines, decals and more from around the world or right in your own state. If you love rocks, then you'll love opening your box each month to see what new and exciting items came.

What does it cost?

There are several types of boxes to choose from depending on how much you want to spent or how many items you want to receive each month. Below are the current boxes available:





Kids Box*

Starter Box*

Standard Box*

One Rock Box*

This box is ideal for kids just getting started in rock collecting. Each rock will come with an identification card that will help them learn more about the sype of rock it is and what it's called. These boxes generally contain 2-4 SMALL to MEDIUM pieces with information sheets.

The starter box is for those who are just getting into rock collecting and what to learn more about the hobby. Like the kids box, your items will come with an improved version of the information sheets for each piece, around 2-4 SMALL to MEDIUM pieces and sometime some additional fun items.

The standard box will come with  2-4 SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE pieces and possible additional fun item. Only the names of these pieces will be included.

The ONE BOX ROCK is our most popular, by far. This box will contain only one specimen ranging in size from MEDIUM to X-LARGE, with description and possibly an additional fun item or two. These specimens will be of higher quality than any of the other boxes and are sure to have some sparkle or wow factor from time to time.



Each month we choose one box to receive a SPECIAL GIFT at random. This special gift is often much better than the items that typically come in your box and are often called a Grand Prize gift. Watch your box for an extra special item each month.

Cancel Anytime!

There is no cancellation fee and you can do it anytime.

When do you ship?

We ship during the last week of each month. If you sign up mid month, then your first box will be sent during the last week of the month. If you sign up during the last week of the month, your first box may not come until the next shipping cycle the following month.  Remember: We are located in Michigan, so winter weather can slow or delay deliveries.

How often do you charge my card?

Your card will be charged each month during the last week of the month before we process and mail out each box. If you would rather pay for an entire year in advance, please let us know.

Is my account automatically renewed?

All subscriptions are month to month and will be renewed each month unless cancelled.

My tracking number shows delivered, but I don't have my box?

For issues such as this, contact your local post office and ask them for assistance.

What if I move?

If you have a change of address or contact information, please contact us and let us know. Each month we ship via the information you provided to us at the time you subscribed.

Refund, Replacements & Damage?

Because this is a mystery style subscription program, we do not offer returns or credits for dissatisfaction of box contents. In the rare event something is damaged during shipping, the subscriber must return the broken item, at their expense if a refund/replacement is authorized. Replacements/refunds MUST be pre-approved. Because MANY of the items shipped may already have flaws, cracks or other inconsistencies because of the nature of the product, damage claims must be due to shipping damage only and proof/photos may be required.

Do you ship international?

At this time we do NOT offer international shipping.

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