"How to Purchase" and Policies


When watching videos, if you don't see a Red LIVE button in the top left hand corner of your screen, then you are watching a recorded show. If you see something you want or want to know if we have something similar or more of that product, please Facebook Message us and one of our staff will send you photos or videos to help you find things you are interested it!

Items go to the first person that comments on OUR SCREEN, sometimes what you see on your screen and what we see on ours won't match. Facebook can have up to a 1 minute delay between what you see and what we see.

All orders are automatically OPEN BOX, meaning your purchases will go into a tub with your name on it here in the store and you can add to your box from show to show. Once you are ready to ship, just send us a Facebook Message and ask us to ship your order. A shipping invoice will come shortly after your request. Once paid, you order will be shipped! 

Please help a small business like ours by SHARING our Live Show while you are watching. Small business is really struggling these days and a simple share can help get the word out about our shows.

If you are local, purchases can be picked up in store during normal business hours. You invoice MUST be paid for online before you come in to pick your order up. The staff at the front counters are different than the staff that process online shows. We can not process payments for online orders at the front counters of our store.



During or after the LIVE SHOW, please message us with your e-mail address so we can send your invoice.

When you purchase something from us, the sale is final. We don't do “never mind” or “oops” or returns. We spend a lot of time putting these shows together, so please don't commit to purchasing any of these items unless you intend to actually buy them. It is also unfair to the rest of the viewers if you commit to an item that they wanted, then end up not purchasing it.

We will invoice ALL buyers after the show, generally within a day or two. If you do not see your invoice within 3 days after the show, please contact us!

You will have 3 days to pay for your purchases, otherwise orders will be considered abandoned and put back out on the shelves. If you do not pay your invoice, for items you committed to purchasing, you will be blocked from our future shows. We do not hold unpaid inventory. You will not get a refund for abandoned orders.

We use Paypal to invoice for your purchases. You do not need a Paypal account to pay, simply enter in your CC information when you pay. Sorry but we cannot accept payment with any other method.



*****ALL orders are OPEN BOX until you tell us (via a Facebook message) to ship***** This allows you to add to your order from shot to show, in order to save you money on shipping. When you are ready to ship, just send us a message and let us know. You will get a shipping invoice shortly after and your order will be on its way to you.

Please remember we are a small business, we are NOT Amazon, we can not ship within a day or two, so please be patient as we bill and ship items.

You will get a tracking number as soon as your label is printed for shipping. Please don't keep messaging asking if your item has shipped yet. If you don't have a tracking number from us, then it has not shipped yet.

If we try to contact you for any reason and you do not reply within 5 days, we will assume you have abandoned your order and we will put all items back, will not issue a refund and you will be blocked from all future shows. Please understand that Facebook is weird sometimes and we run across trolls and other people with devious intentions, so we have strict policies to weed out fake orders and people who just bid for for fun, etc.

You will get an itemized list of all your items on your Paypal Invoice.

We will always try to find the cheapest way to ship. Generally the flat rate boxes work best. Shipping is USPS Flat Rate anywhere in the USA. Three box sizes...Small $8.51, Medium $15.51 and Large $20.01. If you only purchase a small items or two, we will put small orders in padded envelopes for shipping. If your order is large or you have a large item, it may take multiple flat rate boxes to ship.

Once you tell us to CLOSE and SHIP your order, we will send you a shipping invoice. Your order invoices will never have shipping included on them, they are always separate.

If you are ordering outside the United States, we will need your complete e-mail, address and name in order to give you an estimate for shipping costs.

If we ship an order and it ends up being a bad address, not accepted, forwarding has expired, etc. and the item(s) come back to us, you will be required to pay shipping again to get it to the right address.

Please note: Once the USPS has your package, besides tracking number, we are unable to provide any other information nor affect the travel time and/or process. We suggest calling your post office about your shipment if you have questions.



If you are interested in an item AFTER the show was live, please message us directly on Facebook, versus comment on the show. The comments on shows AFTER they are live are really hard to keep track of.

We recommend you keep your own notes and running tally of your purchases and costs during a show. This helps make sure our records are complete, you get the items you want and you are aware of your running balance as you buy during the show

If you are having a hard time getting a hold of us, please call the store so we can help you. Facebook isn't easy to manage messages and sometimes we don't see them or lose them. Social media platforms should not be your sole way of communicating with a  business :)

See something on the show but it sold? Contact us, we may have more of that material in the store.

Watch the show, but looking for something you didn't see? Contact us, we have thousands and thousands of rocks in three different buildings here at the shop. Chances are we have it.

Please read all these carefully. It will save all of us time and prevent potential problems from occurring. By purchasing any items in our show, you are agreeing to these terms.