How to purchase and Policies


We will allow open box purchases. We will set a box up with your name on it, you can purchase items from multiple shows and tell us when to mail the box or we can mail it when it is full. This helps maximize your shipping savings. Please note however, that you will be required to pay your invoice at the end of each show, not when the box ships.


Please send us an e-mail so we can assign it to your order.


When you purchase something from us, the sale is final. We don't do “never mind” or “oops”. We spend a lot of time putting these shows together, so please don't commit to purchasing any of these items unless you intend to actually buy them. It is also unfair to the rest of the viewers if you commit to an item that they wanted, then end up not purchasing it.


We will invoice ALL buyers after the show, generally within a day or two.


You may pick your order up in store, if you live near one of them, however, we still require you to pay your invoice after the show, before pickup, no exceptions. We do not allow pickup and pay at the stores.


If you are picking your items up in store, please get them the same week as your purchase (i.e. you purchased them on a Tuesday show, please pick your order up before our stores close on Sunday,) We don't have a lot of extra space to store a lot of pickup orders that wait a week or two before they are picked up.


You will have 48 hours to pay for your purchases, otherwise orders will be considered abandoned and put back out on the shelves. If you do not pay your invoice for items you committed to purchasing, you will be blocked from our Facebook page. We do not hold unpaid inventory.


To purchase an item during our show, simply comment with the item number for the piece you want. Show remain available to re-watch on our Facebook page for 48 hours, then we remove them.


Items go to the first person that comments on OUR SCREEN, sometimes what you see on your screen and what we see on ours won't match for times where two or more people comment very close to each other.


We use Paypal to invoice for your purchases. You do not need a Paypal account to pay, simple enter in your CC information when you pay.


An itemized receipt for your purchase will be included in your package when it arrives, you invoice via Paypal will simply list show date and total amount.


Shipping is 1-3 day USPS Flat Rate anywhere in the USA. Three box sizes...Small $8.51, Medium $15.51 and Large $20.01


If you already have one unpaid order, we will not allow you to purchase at any other shows until your previous order is paid for.


If you are ordering outside the United States, we will need your complete e-mail, address and name in order to give you an estimate for shipping costs.


Whenever possible, we will ship at cheaply as we can. With every order we will determine the cheapest way to ship your item and will try to save you money.


We recommend you keep your own notes and running tally of your purchases and costs during a show. This helps make sure our records are complete, you get the items you want and you are aware of your running balance as you buy during the show.


We REALLY appreciate you all joining us for these shows and for supporting small business. If there is anything we can do to improve the show, please let us know!!!!

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