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Mt. Princeton (right with white front), Mt. Antero (left of valley) Mt. White (smaller tree covered mountain in forefront)

Several times a year we take a trip somewhere to do something fun that is rockhound related. Maybe digging in a mine or on a claim or maybe attending a rock show or museum. Below is a list of places we have been or are going. If you would like to go on any of our trips with us, please contact us and let us know. If you can recommend a place we should visit, please let us know. Each year we take a trip our to our claims on Mt. Antero, Chaffee County, Colorado and Lake George area, Park County, Colorado OR our claims in Solome, AZ.  If you are interested in digging on one of our claims, please contact us.

  • Annually in September- Mt. Antero & Mt. White claim dig AND Denver Gem Show and/or Lake George, Colorado claim dig.

  • Anually In Jan/Feb - Tucson, Arizon Show & dig on claims.

  • Anually in May - Rockhunting trip to Upper Michigan (U.P.)


Digging at 13,000+ feet with snow on ground. Colorado 2016

Arizona claim: 20+ acres of mines, tailings and fun!

Mt. Topaz, just north of Lake George, CO.

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