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Please read before contacting us:


If you are contacting us about something from a LIVE Social Media show, please send us a message via the social media platform instead of the form submission below!

Want to sell your rocks? General rule of thumb, if you found it on the ground, it isn't something we'd be interested in. If you bought it from a store, we might be interested. We generally purchase rocks when there is a large quantity, not just a few. Please contact us and send us photos of your collection before bringing them in.

Due to the volume of inquires we are unable to ID rocks or help provide values.


We recommend joining our Rockhound Rock Shop Facebook Group and asking questions there.


Thanks for submitting!

Main store phone: 269-665-4300

Administration phone: 269-665-7446

Catering & Birthday Parties: 269-484-2031


Store Address:

33 W. Battle Creek Street

Galesburg, Michigan 49053

Located right downtown Galesburg, you can't miss us!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 366

Galesburg, Michigan 49053

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