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Updated 11/2/23

To make your show experience the best possible, please read through our policies below before bidding on any items. If you have any questions, please contact us or ask us during a live show.


  • All orders are automatically OPEN BOX, which means every item you purchase, during one show or over many different shows, will be added to your box here in our store, with your name on it. We will add the items you purchase to this box until you contact us and let us know you would like to CLOSE AND SHIP your order.

    • You will look silly if you send us a rage message wanting to know where your order is, but never contacted us and told us to close and ship.

  • There are NO putbacks, returns or never minds during our live shows. This slows the shows down and causes confusion for the clerk who is recording the show purchases. Please don't comment to purchase unless you intend to commit to it.

  • To win an item you see on the show, simply comment with the item number. When many people are trying to get the same item, the host will award the item to the first person they see on their screen comment with the correct number. Please note that social media has delays, so the order you see on your screen is not necessarily the same order the host see on their screen.

  • If you need to communicate with us, you want to purchase an item, see if we have an item in stock, ask a question about a bill, etc., please send us a Facebook message, e-mail us via the Contact Us here on this website or call us. DO NOT make a comment on one of our posts. Facebook makes it impossible to keep track of post comments when there are a lot of them. We just won't see your comment.


  • You will get a Square invoice after each show for the item(s)s you purchased. It will not include shipping costs.


  • You DO NOT need a Square account to pay your invoices. You can pay the invoice with any Credit Card. Sometimes it can be hard to find Sqaure invoices, so keep an eye out for them. If several days have passed and you still don't have your invoice, please contact us. We have used Sqaure for several years now and have never had any issues with them. We use them for our online order and for our checkout at our physical registers in store.

  • Once you tell us you want to close and ship your order, we will send you a final invoice for the shipping costs, then ship your items.

  • Please pay your invoice within 5 days of the live show you attended.

  • Feel free to come in and pickup/pay for your orders in store, but please do that within a few days of your order. If you are going to keep your orders in your open box and continue to add to them, then please pay your invoices online.

  • We usually have invoices to you within 1-3 business days of the show where you made your purchase.

  • Once you have paid for your shipping, anything else that is purchased will start a new order. Nothing can be added to an order after shipping has been paid.


  • Shipping will generally come via the USPS flat rate box. There are three prices for these boxes, depending on the size of your order when you are ready to ship. They start at $9 for the small box and go up from there.

    • We will make every attempt to fit the items in the smallest box possible, while still being able to properly wrap each item, however, we will not skimp on wrapping to try and fit them in a small box. We want your items to get to you unbroken!​

  • You may pick your items up in the store during regular store hours AND pay for your order in store as well.

  • Please note: While we make every effort to ship quickly, we cannot guarantee shipments before a certain date (i.e., Birthdays) or holidays. ​

  • We will not refund for the product or the shipping if we mail it and find out later the address you gave us was outdated or incorrect.

  • Once you pay for your shipping on an order nothing more can be added to that order. Anything purchased after you pay for shipping will go into a new order.


  • If a product arrives broken, please take pictures of the item(s) and send them to us. If the box is broken or damaged, please also include pictures of it.

  • If an item breaks after it arrives, we are not able to offer refunds.

  • If we agree on a refund, the broken item MUST be returned to us before the refund can be processed. We will add the cost of the return shipping to your refund.

  • We will not offer refunds for any orders where the address supplied to us was incorrect. We take the address from PayPal at the time of your payment and ship. Please make sure your PayPal address is correct before paying your invoice.

  • We cannot replace jewelry after it has been shipped.

Getting Blocked (we DON'T want to do this, but...)

  • Please remember we deal with a LOT of orders regularly, so please be prompt with payment. You will be blocked from all our live shows and all sales if:

    • If we are unable to reach you and/or you don't get a reply after two weeks.​

    • If you cancel an order for items you committed to purchasing.

    • If you start any drama or act disrespectful during a show to either other customers or our staff.

    • Go more than 5 days without paying your invoice.

  • We are here to help make your shopping experience the best possible, but we need to work together so things don't get slowed down or messed up. As always, if you need more time because "life happens", please just contact us and we'll gladly work with you.

  • Lastly, we love our customers, and we do everything we can to make things right, but sometimes some customers are just a bit too rude or go out of their way to be unnecessarily unkind or to make our jobs more difficult. We are a rock shop, there is NO reason to be this grouchy in the rock world. These types of customers will be blocked, and our staff are all permitted to make this decision, if necessary. So be nice! :)

Lastly, if you tried to buy something on the show, but someone else got it OR you didn't even see something on the show you have been looking for, send us a message or give us a call and we'll help you find it. As Michigan's Largest Rock Shop, we are sure to have options for you to see. We'll send you pictures or a video for your viewing pleasure.

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