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Did you find one? Check this out.


We are not experts in meteorites, and we don't have any way to test to determine if they are meteorites and NO, we don't buy them anyway. Anything we would purchase has a certificate of authenticity from the supplier.  Several Michigan rocks are heavy and magnetic.  In all our years in the rock business we have had hundreds of people contact us or visit the store with items they thought were meteorites and 100% of the time, they are not, even after testing. Finding meteorites is extremely rare. The only way you can accurately determine if you have found a meteorite is to have it tested.


Below are links to different Meteorite related topics, so you can do further research on your own. 


This site gives information about several rock properties that help distinguish meteorites from other rocks: GO HERE


This site shows some ways you can help identify a meteorite: HERE and that website has a link to this website from Portland State University with some helpful photographs: HERE

This site has a “self-test checklist” to help you determine if you have a meteorite: GO HERE


To have a rock tested to determine if it is a meteorite (it costs $30/sample), go to this site: GO HERE

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