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Frequently Asked Question's

Please read these common question's before contacting us. Chances are you can find your answer below.

Question: I think I found a meteorite, can you tell me if I did?

Answer: 99% of the time it is not a meteorite. Magnetic alone does not mean it's a meteorite. It is extremely rare to find a meteorite. We can not identify if it is one or not. We do not know of anyone that can either.

Question: Do you polish or cut rocks?

Answer: No, we do not do any customer lapidary work with our machines.

Question: Can you help me identify rocks I have collected?

Answer: We get a LOT of inquiries about rock identification. General Rule of thumb:  If you purchased it, then we can try to help you identify it, if you found it on the ground, we won't know what it is. We are also unable to tell if something is a meteorite or not.

Question: Do you sell tumblers or tumble grit?

Answer:  Yes, we carry tumbles and tumble grit in stock. If you are coming from any distance, give us a call first and make sure we aren't sold out.

Question: Do you buy rocks?

Answer: Yes and no. Generally we purchase large collections or estates. We don't normally purchase rocks if there are fewer than 100 pieces in the collection.

Question: Do you buy Michigan rocks like Petoskey, Lightening Stones or Pudding Stones? 

Answer: We generally have a large backstock supply of these materials, but you can always call the store and see if we need more.

Question: How do I purchase on your live shows?

Answer: Everything you would want to know (and more) about our live shows can be found here.

Question: Can I Pan for Gems and Crack a Geode anytime you are open?

Answer: No, right now, the Trading Post is where you can Pan for Gems and Crack a Geode is only open Thursday - Sunday. In the near future it will be open the same hours as our main store.

Question: Do you have room for busses and campers?

Answer: Yes. There is an overflow parking lot across the street from our store that is large.

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